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Genuine computer services.

Computers and their peripherals have a mind of their own sometimes. We are here to help keep that from happening; Whether Commercial or Residential.

Receive Exclusive Discounts

Join our membership now and receive discounts on your next service

If you need assistance, please call us at (651) 240-4313.

* Starting price. Actual price may be higher due to add-ons, parts, upgrades, products, and fees. Hourly rates are billed to the closest 0.02 hour with a minimum of 1 billed hour.

** Not unlimited. This service uses our Smart Talk™ service and its rates. Total number of Smart Talk™ hours available and included in the membership depends on the home membership or MSP membership you subscribed to. Any overage is billed to the closest 0.02 hour and at the rate of your discounted extra Smart Talk™ hours in respect to which Smart Talk™ service you are receiving (Remote or On-Site).

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