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The premium support you want.

How someone receives IT support varies from person to person. It is required by the support company to create an environment that enables learning for their clients. That is where our Smart Talk™ comes in.
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Multiple Methods Of Support

We offer this premium support both by itself and in our memberships.

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Membership with Premium Support

This option is for those of who need support all year 'round or want to have the reassurance that if something goes wrong, they will have us by their side.

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One-Time Smart Talk™

This options is good for those once-in-awhile questions you may have, performing a one-time diagnostics, or for those who don't seek constant support.

$60 Per Hour

$120 Per Hour

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Support that allows for learning

Our Smart Talk™ service is a premium version of your traditional technical support. From user password changes, to any support question, to a work-at-home setup. We will help you with your questions and teach you how to resolve those questions next time without the need of our help. This is not just a support session, but an investment into yourself.

Receive Exclusive Discounts

Join our membership now and receive discounts on your next service

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If you need assistance, please call us at (651) 240-4313.

* Starting price. Actual price may be higher due to add-ons, parts, upgrades, products, and fees. Hourly rates are billed to the closest 0.02 hour with a minimum of 1 billed hour.

** Not unlimited. Total number of Smart Talk™ hours available and included in the membership depends on the home membership or MSP membership you subscribed to.

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