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Our Work From Home Setup service streamlines the transition to remote work environments, focusing on enhancing productivity, connectivity, and comfort. While we don't offer furniture recommendations or setup, we specialize in optimizing technology integration, networking, and remote access solutions to ensure an efficient and ergonomic home office setup tailored to our clients' needs and preferences.

Steps Involved:

  • Consultation and Assessment: We commence with a comprehensive consultation to understand the specific requirements and preferences of our clients. This involves assessing factors such as job responsibilities, existing equipment, space constraints, and budget considerations.

  • Equipment Evaluation: Based on the consultation, we evaluate the client's existing equipment to determine compatibility and identify any upgrades or additions needed to support remote work functionalities effectively.

  • Technology Integration: We seamlessly integrate technology solutions to facilitate efficient communication, collaboration, and workflow management. This may involve setting up video conferencing systems, cloud-based productivity tools, and virtual private networks (VPNs) to ensure secure access to company resources.

  • Networking and Connectivity: We optimize networking infrastructure to ensure reliable and high-speed internet connectivity throughout the home office. This may involve configuring Wi-Fi routers, extending network coverage, and implementing network security protocols to safeguard sensitive data.

  • Remote Access Solutions: We implement remote access solutions that enable seamless access to company resources and applications from anywhere, ensuring uninterrupted workflow and data accessibility for remote workers. Integration with existing IT systems may require coordination with the client's IT team.

  • Ergonomic Considerations: While we don't provide furniture recommendations or setup, we offer guidance on ergonomic best practices to promote comfort and prevent musculoskeletal issues associated with prolonged sitting and computer use. This includes tips on proper posture, monitor positioning, and workstation arrangement.

  • Installation and Configuration: Our team handles the installation and configuration of all technology equipment and accessories, ensuring proper setup, connectivity, and functionality. We provide hands-on support and troubleshooting assistance to address any technical challenges that may arise.

We offer comprehensive training and support to empower clients to effectively utilize their home office setup. This may include tutorials on software applications, remote collaboration tools, cybersecurity best practices to enhance productivity and security, and more. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, let your technician know or reach out to us to discuss your options.

With our Work From Home Setup service, clients can enjoy a tailored and efficient home office environment that maximizes productivity and comfort. While we specialize in technology integration and remote access solutions, we collaborate with clients to ensure a holistic approach to their remote work needs.

Note: Timeframe is regarding when your technician(s) are at your home performing setup & installation.

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Work From Home (WFH) Setup

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Work From Home (WFH) Setup

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*Prices shown are starting rates and may increase based on add-ons, parts, upgrades, purchases, and fees. "With Home Membership" pricing can change based on your membership type and remaining Smart Talk hours. Hourly services bill at a minimum of 1 hour and then in 0.02 hour increments. Despite our best efforts to maintain accurate pricing, the final quote may differ from the prices shown here.

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