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The cloud is a wonderful thing. However, some individuals don't like, trust, or prefer the cloud. But they still want some of the features it brings. Network Attached Storage (NAS) can do that! Installing a NAS in your home can benefit you and your household greatly. With features like auto backup of your computers, data redundancy, and customizable storage size, it makes having a NAS worth it.

Our tech wizards will come out, physically setup the NAS to your network, setup the software of your NAS to your liking, and demonstrate the basics of using your brand new NAS.

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Network Storage (NAS) Install

Wifi & Network

Network Storage (NAS) Install

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*Prices shown are starting rates and may increase based on add-ons, parts, upgrades, purchases, and fees. "With Home Membership" pricing can change based on your membership type and remaining Smart Talk hours. Hourly services bill at a minimum of 1 hour and then in 0.02 hour increments. Despite our best efforts to maintain accurate pricing, the final quote may differ from the prices shown here.

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