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The most common network issue in our experience is poor signal. This can cause slow speeds, dropped connections, buffering, and more. Solving this issue is easy and depends on your specific needs.

Our tech wizards will assess your situation while on-site and purchase the required hardware (if not provided by client) to install. Once the tech wizard orders the hardware, they will then schedule a tentative future on-site appointment based on the estimated arrival of the hardware. 

If you have the hardware you want installed already handy, our tech wizard will determine the best location for it, physically install it, and connect it to your network. They will then test it's functionality and verify it solved your issue.

Note: Network hardware is an additional cost and is quoted during a call or on-site. If you have Smart Cloud source the network hardware for you, there will be an additional $10 handling fee. There is no mark-up on the hardware and the cost of the hardware will pass directly to you on your service invoice.

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Wifi Signal Boosting

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*Prices shown are starting rates and may increase based on add-ons, parts, upgrades, purchases, and fees. "With Home Membership" pricing can change based on your membership type and remaining Smart Talk hours. Hourly services bill at a minimum of 1 hour and then in 0.02 hour increments. Despite our best efforts to maintain accurate pricing, the final quote may differ from the prices shown here.

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